Our good friendship,
Earns a song,
Because I like you so!!!
Our good friendship,
Is something special
It began for 4 years….

For 6th month, my father died,
After a long and painful illness,

It was a bad time,
For me….
…..but you were there,

you were on the phone,
and I cried
I will keep this forever in my mind

And if you’re sad,
I wanna cry with you
And if you’re happy,
I wanna Lough with you…

I wanna say: thanks for all !!!

I’m so happy that I got you,
Without you, I can’t stand,
You are the best friend I’ve ever had

Our good friendship,
Is important,
For you,
And me,
And the world….

Dieser song (nach der Melodie SOAD lonely day) ist Isabelle Schulz, gewidmet!!!

27.2.10 02:00


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